Captain Robert Bellini

Robert grew up on Long Island and spent his childhood exploring the vast wetlands and hunting grounds Long Island is known for.  In his youth he was an avid hunter and honed his skills into being an accomplished outdoors man. His passion for the outdoors and hunting and vast knowledge of the game ever present on Long Island served as the backdrop in his desire to share his passion with other waterfowl hunters.  He knows where to hunt them since he knows where they live and feed.  In the last 19 years Robert has focused his efforts in perfecting the art of hunting Geese from setting the spread to the Art of Concealment.  Robert is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, registered ERT (Emergency Responder) and New York State Licensed Guide.

Rob and Truck  ELITE HUNT
Stephen Profile

Captain Stephen D’Amico
100 Ton Master Classification Certified

Capt. Stephen has been duck hunting since he was 16 years old. Growing up on Long Island, he has had the opportunity to enjoy all types of hunting, but his passion is waterfowl hunting.  He knows the area to its fullest and will promise you plenty of birds during your hunt. Hard work, dedication, scouting birds, doing your homework, the right calling, the right locations, and having the proper equipment are all key in being a successful guide. We will accept nothing less. Stephen will work hard to put the birds in your face so your party can enjoy Long Island’s goose and  duck hunting at its finest.  Stephen is a New York State licensed guide and has obtained his 100-ton Master Captains license.  What this means to you is that Stephen has been licensed by the USCG to be a knowledgeable Captain and provide you with a safe and well prepared sea duck hunt.  Capt. Stephen, and Elite Long Island Outfitter, take their clients safety seriously! Stephen is a New York State Licensed Guide.

Captain Chris Spies

Long Island born and raised.  Ever since Chris has been a young child he has been an avid water fowler, having hunted ducks and geese for nearly 30 years. Chris’s knowledge of migratory bird habitats, combined with his passion and dedication to his chosen profession is unsurpassed.  His attention to detail that is put into each waterfowl hunt will leave every hunter convinced that they are hunting with an outfitter and guide that is completely committed to providing an elite water fowling experience. Chris is an OUPV licensed captain and a New York State Licensed Guide.


Captain Frank Buglione

"Born and raised in New York, Frank Buglione has enjoyed hunting and fishing from an early age. Whether it's hunting big game, upland, waterfowl or striped bass fishing on a rock in Montauk, Frank brings a tremendous amount of experience to our group of well seasoned veterans. His respect for the sport, passion and eagerness to share his knowledge with everyone has made him a favorite among newcomers, youth as well as long time devoted clients."  Frank is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, and New York State licensed guide.  

Guide and Videographer Anthony Babich

Anthony grew up on Long Island’s south shore enjoying waterfowl hunting since a young age on the Great South Bay with the influence of his father, family & friends. His passion for the outdoors started with the first opening morning and continues to grow with each season. Along with his desire to share his knowledge and experience with other avid hunters. In the past few years Anthony has transformed his passion of filming & photography applying that to the outdoor lifestyle creating his own outdoor media production company alongside Elite Long Island Outfitter capturing the action of every hunt. As a New York State licensed guide & professional videographer Anthony will provide nothing but the best in quality & performance. Dedication, experience, and safety are essential to not only a great hunt but also an experience of a lifetime.  Anthony looks forward to providing each client with a successful waterfowl experience here at Elite Long Island Outfitter.  Anthony is a New York State Licensed Guide.


Guide Zach Petruzzi

Raised on the North Shore of Long Island, Zach has taken full advantage of the many resources this great Island has to offer. Constantly learning and picking up new methods of both hunting and conservation is fun and exciting for him. His passion is in creating the best outdoors experience possible and sending clients’ home with a smile and a time they will be glad to tell their friends and family about. Putting the hard work and dedication into creating an unforgettable experience is one of the best feelings possible and Zach strives to do so each time out.  Zach is a New York state licensed guide.

Guide Carlee Ogeka

Born and raised upstate New York, Carlee is a true outdoors girl.  She spent her summers as a young girl at her grandparents’ house exploring the woods and learning to fish on their pond.  Carlee came to Long Island to study Environmental Science and concentrated in biology.  Some years later she fell in love with a retriever breed and bought her first flat coat.  Together they learned to work together as a formidable and accomplished upland hunting team.  Carlee enjoys taking people to hunt over her dogs and takes great care to make each hunt an enjoyable and successful experience for everyone.  Carlee has her NYS guide license and her retrievers have AKC and UKC senior level hunting titles.


Guide Joe Privitera

Living his entire life on the east end of Long Island Joe has taken advantage of all the great opportunities the Island has to offer.  A veteran to the hunting game with over 25 years of guiding experience he has now teamed up with Elite Long Island Outfitter to share his knowledge of waterfowling.  He has proven hunts and memories that last a lifetime.  Joe enjoys the challenge of a good hunt with good people and his resume speaks for itself.


"Thanks to Rob and Steve, my first waterfowl hunt was not only successful, but a really great and yes funny experience. Sitting in the blind with these two guys was knowledgeable and I can tell you we all had a blast. Thank you guys and I can't wait to get out again. Oh and I can't go without mentioning the band wow I was really blown away by that." 

- Paul Giambona