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Elite Long Island Outfitter
Elite Long Island Outfitter
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Elite Long Island Outfitter
Elite Long Island Outfitter
Elite Long Island Outfitter
                              Continental Tower Shoots 
Season: Starting September 1st and running through April 15th.
A tower shoot is a lot of fun.  If you haven’t experienced an outing like this before, you’ll be in for a real treat.  The shoot is conducted in an open field environment.  Pheasant or mallard ducks are released, depending upon your preference, from a release point situated on top of a knoll. The launch area is surrounded by 12 shooting butts.  These butts are positioned 60-90 yards away from the release point.
Depending on the size of the shoot, hunters will rotate every couple of birds to let each participant experience every position and to allow our retrievers to bring in your birds.
We provide refreshments during all of our tower shoots and a break is taken during the halfway point to allow hunters to restock ammo and enjoy some refreshments. 
Tower shoots are great for hunters of all skill levels and perfect for corporate parties.  NO LICENSE IS REQUIRED. 
Throughout the season, Elite Long Island Outfitter hosts tower shoots that anyone can join.  All open tower shoot dates will be posted. 
Ammunition Requirements
Shotshell restrictions: 2 3/4″ shotshells ONLY (3 & 3 1/2 shotshells are prohibited).  No shot larger than #6 lead for pheasant ONLY shoots.  No shot larger than #4 steel for combination shoots.  Lead shotshells are prohibited at combination shoots.  Proper sized ammo will be available for purchase at The Lodge if needed.
Tower Shoot Rules
Shooters may not work their dogs from butts.  All dog handlers will be provided through Elite for retrieving needs.    Shooters must remain inside butts at all times while birds are being thrown.  Shooters are prohibited from shooting outside of butts, and while walking between butts during breaks.
Arrive 8:30 am
10 birds released per person
Minimum 10 shooters – Maximum 25 Shooters
      ~ All Non-Hunting Attendees/Bystanders will be charged $75.00 each. ~
   **BLAZE ORANGE: We require ALL HUNTERS to wear either blaze orange  hats or vests and protective eye wear.
                                     **Additional birds – $30/Bird.
              **Gun Rental Available – 20 and 12 gauge – $45 with prior notice.
                                **Ammo & Gratuities NOT included.

"Great guys! They know what they are doing!" 

                     - Mike DeLeonardis 

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